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Are you googling dentist Ascot Vale right now? If you are, please read on. One of the most important parts of your body which you should never take for granted is your oral cavity. Sadly, most people do this, thinking that brushing their teeth twice a day is enough. What they tend to disregard is that tooth deterioration occurs every single time they munch on something – and that happens at least six times a day. So no, just brushing your teeth does not do the job.

You should also take note that people are drawn to one’s teeth more often than any other part of the body. The way you regard your body is indicated by how you take care of your teeth. This is true as it has been proven in so many studies.

We need not go on and on about the function of your teeth, really. What you need to put in mind is that over all oral care is possible only if you go for the recommended check-up.

Hopefully, you have realised that as you are reading this. And if you have, your next move is to go for a dental check-up soon. In that regard, there is only one name you can really trust: MyDental Group.

MyDental Group is considered by a lot of people as one of the top quality dental clinic. You would be happy to know that we are only 14 minutes away from wherever you live in Ascot Vale.

We are proud to say that we have some of the most skilled and highly experienced dental professionals in town. Everyone in MyDental Group is committed to providing the best dental care because we all know how important oral health is.

We also make use of the most advanced dental technology and follow the most up-to-date dental methods to guarantee that our practice is the best in the industry. Best of all, our dentists also ensure that our rates are reasonable. These are just some of the reasons why our patients come back and why we get a lot of referrals.

If you are considering MyDental Group for your oral care needs, you will be pleased to know that we offer our services to those who would like to use their health care insurance. You are eligible if you have the following:

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule with $1000 worth of dental treatment for children every 2 years
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Scheme
  • Victorian General Dental Scheme
  • Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme

You can also come to us if you have private health insurance claims and Medicare Easy Claim through HICAPS. We are quite proud to say that we are HCF private health insurance’s preferred provider.

We are open from Monday to Thursdays from 9 AM to 8 PM, on Fridays at 9 AM to 6:30 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

You could avail of the following OPENING SPECIAL OFFERS:

For OFFER #1, you will get 50% off for check-up, teeth cleaning, Fluoride treatment (preventive) and X-Ray procedures.

For OFFER #2, you will get 15% off for fillings, extractions and follow-up checks for those.

For OFFER #3, you pay only $3000 for single tooth implantation which is inclusive of pre and post-dental treatments

And last but not the least, for OFFER #4, you pay only $400 for Zoom! In-Chair Whitening!

We don’t have to keep insisting that we are one of the top dental clinics around. If you have been looking for Ascot Vale dentists, you can see the quality for yourself by visiting us as soon as possible. Call us for appointment setting at (03) 9386 7981 and have that beautiful sparkling smile everyone will love.