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Oral health is one factor in the human body which should never be taken for granted. Oftentimes, people visit a dentist only when pain or discomfort is experienced. This should not be the case because the fact of the matter is, the longer the time you don’t see a dentist, the greater the chances of oral health deterioration. Bear in mind that digestion starts within the oral cavity and as you bite a piece of chocolate or chew on your favorite snack, your teeth also gets eaten up. This brings us to the importance of oral care.

If you are searching for dentist Moonee Ponds then you are just a few minutes’ drive to our clinic. Here at MyDental Group, we believe that an attractive smile starts from a healthy oral condition. Whether you are experiencing a condition or not, a visit to our dentists will do more than to keep your smile attractive.

Research has proven that your existing oral health condition is a reflection of how you take care of your body as a whole. Whilst proper nutrition and regular brushing are good preventive measures, consulting with a specialist is by far the best method in keeping oral health in top shape. As such oral problems like gum (periodontal) disease and tooth complications are eliminated.

MyDental Group is staffed with experienced and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent treatment to their patients. Our dental procedures are carried out with the use of advanced clinical techniques which are based on the most current trends and practices in the industry. We ensure that each patient is provided with a professional from the onset of the condition up to recovery. We pride ourselves in carrying a reputable name in the industry that is why we always do our best to meet every client’s satisfaction. More importantly, we make sure that our services are compatible with our fees.

If you want to avail of our services using your health insurance claims, MyDental Group accepts patients who are eligible for

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule which includes $1000 worth of bulk billed dental treatment for kids every 2 years
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Scheme
  • Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme
  • Victorian General Dental Scheme

We also cater to on the spot private health insurance claims and Medicare Easy Claim through HICAPS.

We are also the preferred provider for patients with HCF private health insurance.

Should you wish to book an appointment, you can choose a convenient time during our clinic hours below:

  • Monday to Thursday 9:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM to 6:30PM
  • Saturday 9:00AM to 1:00PM

MyDental Group would like to delight you with our OPENING SPECIAL OFFER


50% OFF out-of-pocket expenses for Check-up, Cleaning, X-Rays and Preventive Flouride Treatment


15% OFF out-of-pocket expenses for Fillings and Extractions following Check-up appointment


Single Tooth Implant for ONLY $3000 all-inclusive


Zoom! In-Chair Whitening ONLY $400

It is never too late to improve the condition of your oral health. We at MyDental Group treat any oral disease, infection or complication the modern way. The next time you need a Monee Ponds dentist, take note of our name and visit us at your convenient time. Experience a whole new level of dental treatment with our expert team of dental specialists.

We are just a phone call away just dial (03) 9386 7981. Call us and set an appointment today!