My Dental Group Servicing Northcote

Did you know that people zoom in on your smile first before anything else in your body? This has been proven not just by advertising but by numerous scientific researches. This should tell you that your teeth and the rest of the oral cavity is something that you should take care of very well.

Brushing your teeth twice a day as recommended by dentists and getting proper nutrition are effective in preventing dental problems. But most dentists are quite firm when they say that those aren’t enough to ensure overall oral health. It is important that you go on dental consultation as well.

If you haven’t had your dental check-up this year, it’s not too late to call the expert and ask for an appointment. And if you’re going to do it now, choose My Dental Group.

Have you been searching dentist Northcote online? First of all, we are only 11 minutes away from the center of North Cote by driving. Yes, we are that accessible. And that is very important for a lot of people needing dental help.

My Dental Group, for so many in town, is one of the top oral health care provider. We have fostered our reputation very well since we started, ensuring that our dental professionals are skilled, experienced and are continuing their learning in the field.

Aside from having the most dedicated people in our team, we also make sure that the equipment we use is up-to-date so that it would complement the innovative skills which our professionals learn and hone.

Most importantly, we make sure that our fees are fair. Whatever you have paid will correspond to the care you have received. And that care we provide is complete and continuous, starting from consultation.

You can use your health care insurance with My Dental Group. If you have those listed below, you are eligible to have your oral needs taken care of in our clinic.

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule with $1000 worth of dental treatment for children every 2 years
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Scheme
  • Victorian General Dental Scheme
  • Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme

You can also come to us if you have private health insurance claims and Medicare Easy Claim through HICAPS. We are quite proud to say that we are HCF private health insurance’s preferred provider.

My Dental Group is open to serve you during the following days and hours:

  • From Mondays to Thursdays, from 9:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening
  • On Fridays from 9:00 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening
  • On Saturdays from 9:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon

We are also pleased to inform you that we have OPENING SPECIAL OFFERS. These are the following:


You get 50% off for check-up, teeth cleaning, Fluoride treatment (preventive) and X-Ray procedures.


You get 15% off for fillings, extractions and follow-up checks for those.


$3000 special offer for single tooth implantation which is inclusive of pre and post-dental treatments


$400 for Zoom! In-Chair Whitening

If you want to know more about those offers or would like to set an appointment with one of our dentists (for Northcote residents), give us a call at (03) 9386 7981.

We are quite determined about ensuring the best oral health for everyone and we want you to start the journey to having that amazing smile a lot of people desire. So call us now!