MyDental Group Servicing Clifton Hill

For those of you looking for Clifton Hill dentist, please keep on reading. You may think that you’re taking care of your teeth really well – but you may be wrong, too. For example, if the only reason you’ve been to a dentist in the past year is to have that toothache checked out, you’re definitely taking your oral health for granted.

You should put in mind, right now, that the longer you go without that dental check-up, your oral health deteriorates day by day. Why, you may ask? That’s because the act of chewing, the very first stage of digestion, starts in your mouth. And every time you chew, your teeth wear out.

But you need not worry about that so much as soon as you set an appointment with a dentist. Are you looking for a professional now? That’s a good start. And while you are doing that, you might want to consider MyDental Group.

We might sound too confident for some but the truth is, we are considered to be one of the best and affordable dental clinics. And here’s why:

MyDental Group has the best staff, comprising of the most skilled and highly experienced professionals. Each one in the team is committed to providing only the best for everyone who requires our service.

The different dental treatments we offer is not just high-quality because of our dental experts but because we make use of the most advanced tools corresponding to the most innovative dental techniques.

Our patients receive first class care as soon as they come in the clinic for appointment with one of our dentists until they recover.

Most importantly, we charge fairly. We see to it that our fees match the dental intervention you got. Every single dollar you spend in MyDental Group is worth it.

Now, if you would like to use your health insurance claims to avail of our service, check out below if you are eligible:

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule with $1000 worth of dental treatment for children every 2 years
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Scheme
  • Victorian General Dental Scheme
  • Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme

We also provide care for those who have private health insurance claims and Medicare Easy Claim through HICAPS. If you have HCF private health insurance, you will be glad to know that we are their preferred choice, too.

Are you thinking of setting an appointment with one of MyDental Group’s dentist Clifton Hill? Check out our daily schedule:

  • Monday to Thursday 9:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM to 6:30PM
  • Saturday 9:00AM to 1:00PM

You wouldn’t want to miss out on one of our OPENING SPECIAL OFFERs too, including the following:

For OFFER #1, you will get 50% off for check-up, teeth cleaning, Fluoride treatment (preventive) and X-Ray procedures.

For OFFER #2, you will get 15% off for fillings, extractions and follow-up checks for those.

For OFFER #3, you pay only $3000 for single tooth implantation which is inclusive of pre and post-dental treatments

And last but not the least, for OFFER #4, you pay only $400 for Zoom! In-Chair Whitening!

There is no such thing as too late when it comes to your oral health. But it does help that you get a check-up as soon as possible from MyDental Group, whether that’s a routine check or a treatment for oral diseases.

Give us a call at (03) 9386 7981 or visit us in our practice if you are looking for Clifton Hill dental clinic. We are only a few minutes away from your area!